“You have to put the work in.”


I have this one Aunty that’s got the good money. 

When I was growing up, she would fly us out to wherever she was living at the time. When I was really young, she lived in Brazil and we went to visit her. I don’t remember much, but I do remember how beautiful it was. She always lives in the most extravagant places because the company she works for pays for them. She’s definitely taking advantage of everything she’s worked for.  

When I was twelve, she was living in Switzerland. Switzerland is my favourite place I’ve visited with all of the mountains, chocolates and cheese. When we were there, we went on a cruise of coastal cities in Europe. We visited Italy, France, Croatia -a ton of places.   

The little things in Switzerland really stand out in my memory. I was twelve and had a good time on a cheese factory tour. I love learning about things. I remember a dinner where the waiter was doing balancing tricks with silverware on glasses, and obviously he was just trying to impress the kids, but he was so cool to me. I remember staying back on the boat in the kids-club room and doing crafts while my family went on a tour of Rome. I had made friends and was having a good time, but looking back, I’m a dummy for staying on the boat while my family was exploring Rome!

Being around that side of my family was really important. Both my Aunt and my Uncle have high-paying positions in their fields. That really solidified for me and my parents to be like “you need to put the work in”. My Aunt and Uncle have their shit together, they’ve been promoted multiple times, and they live this really great lifestyle. They’re a big inspiration for me studying now. They have me thinking about dollar bills. To live in Switzerland for a company, learn French and all that stuff? It’s gorgeous. All I want is to live in a beautiful place. 

(Interviewed and written by Alya Somar; photo by Nolan Brinson)
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