“When I get cold feet about starting
something new, I try to speak positively to myself."


After I graduated high school, I wanted to explore options outside of India. My first option was Australia, and Canada was my second, but in the end, Sheridan’s Human Resources (HR) program won. It was the exact program I wanted to be in.  I found a love for the world of HR in the eleventh grade, leaving behind my former childhood aspirations for being an astronaut. At my core, I consider myself to be extroverted, a people person. I'm passionate about helping people out.

I found that so many international students don’t feel comfortable putting themselves out there and getting involved. When I started at Sheridan, I also lacked the confidence in myself that I needed, but I soon realized that even though there are people here to help, I’ll have to be the one to step forward and take action. Once I grasped that, it was clear that I could be a part of the community and put my skills to good use.

Between school and my other Sheridan related jobs such as being a peer mentor team lead, being on the board of directors for the HMC campus, becoming a HR student research assistant, and more volunteer work, my life can become pretty hectic. I’ve found ways to cope, such as walking, meditating, and a hobby that I picked up again after six or seven years – biking!  

I bought my bicycle in April, and since then I've gone on so many rides, explored so many trails. It's been such a de-stressor for me. It’s so beautiful when you feel the breeze on your face; it feels so good. Even going out with my friends for food or an adventure keeps me motivated and happy. My friends often wonder how I have time to just enjoy with them, but I do it because I need to get out. I’m an incredibly social person, and even if it’s just a walk, I need something to do with other people.  

With all the work I have in my life, even when I get cold feet about starting something new, I try to speak positively to myself. My thought process is that at the end of the day, only you can save you, and a big part of that is being positive in the way you regard yourself.  

Meditation is a big part of how I feel better. Finding home for me is finding inner peace. Set the mood, you know? Put on some music you like, burn some candles, and just sit wherever you want, close your eyes, and think your thoughts. It doesn’t have to be the traditional meditation method it’s your own definition of meditation. As human beings we don’t have to follow certain rules and specifications. Whatever makes you happy, is the correct way to do it.

(Interviewed and written by Hazel Mekkattukulam; photo provided by the interviewee)
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